source of life

Source of Life

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What does a green leaf have to do with a face mask?                                

Wonderful Green Face Mask (WGFM) are face masks with hand drawn green leaves.
The leaves refer to the green solution,
 plant more plants for clean air and soil.

The ‘Source of Life’ campaign is part of WGFM and focuses on the beauty of plants. The campaign started in June 2020 when face masks became mandatory on public transport. WGFM are for people who want to live a holistic healthy life, but want to avoid a fine. They are light, comfortable and washable. You can use WGFM many times.

Long-term solutions are needed for a healthy living environment. If Mother Earth is physically healthy, all living things can be physically healthier. After all, with clean air, your lungs are also cleaner.

Wearing face masks is harmful to physical, social and mental health.
Globally, face masks and gloves cause more pollution in energy, production andused as a disposable item.                                                                            

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