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Hemp can save the world by making local communities independent again.
Take the holistic approach, going global should go with going local
Hemp makes communities healthy and strong, when grown in permaculture way.
The world needs hemp houses, clothes, cars, food, medicine, paper, you name it
and hemp is the source for more then 50.000 products.
So lets go hemp


The work from MRstar defines itself by favouring dessins and Mother Nature
Drawing with pen or fine marker or making it digital in illustrator
it always breaths the style of its illustrator Monique Ravensberg


Highlights of the Year by MRstar

Every day is special, but some days are chosen to be put in the spotlight with an illustration and poem.
Sometimes the topic is extended with background information, a video or a song

Even for me it’s always a surprise how it turns out
I love the surprise, so I keep doing it. 
From earth to the universe, multiverse and back
There to much to wonder about in live
Let take care and enjoy\

Let the best from every season inspire you to dive into nature.
Going into nature is fun all year round

Slow Down launches every week a photo that reflect the season
and every season is highlighted with a special photo and poem

Slow Down is a campaign for slow living
Living an holistic lifestyle improves the quality of life


Moromoro original are perfumed jewels to wear around the hips.
So if you want to highlight your hips with a special fragrance and a little sprakle
check out the waistband collection from moromoro original



The Green collective has brands with products or making yourself the products during a workshop.
In the shop you can by green and craft products. Each item is unique and made with care and skills.

Because our connection to the craftworker is direct, you can also personalise the product.
Find out more in the costumising section. 

If you want more green products have a look around and find your unique gift for yourself or surprise somebody else